Jun 04

A new minigame!
Greetings, I am excited to announce a brand new gamemode that just release on Skyvele. It is an FFA (Free-For-All) gamemode with many features (including a custom resource-pack) that I will be talking about right away!

Arenas & Map Rotations: There are 3 arenas so far (Terminal, Octane, and Rundown) which are all inspired by Call of Duty, and many of you will most likely recognize them. The arenas rotate every half an hour so you will always be playing in a refreshed environment. You can view the current arena on the scoreboard and you can check when the map rotates by using "/arena".

Powerups: Each arena has multiple locations where powerups can spawn, powerups spawn every 3 minutes in a random location on the map which will be highlighted by a beacon beam. You have 30 seconds to claim the powerup, after that it disappears. The powerups are the following:
  • pink_dye.png
    Tactical Sprint - Gives you Speed II for 30 seconds.
  • purple_dye.png
    Ninja - Gives you Haste II for 30 seconds.
  • rose_red.png
    Juggernaut - Gives you Resistance III for 30 seconds.
  • orange_dye.png
    Berserk - Gives you Strength I for 30 seconds.
Powerups are a great way to maintain your killstreak which will be the next feature for discussion.

Killstreaks: The basic idea of the gamemode is simple, you get kills - you power yourself up. You start off fully geared in iron armor, an iron sword, and three cookies (cookies are instantly consumed and heal for 3 hearts). The higher your killstreak the better the rewards, ranging from diamond armor, better weapons, bows, potion effects, armor repair charms, and more.

Tokens & Upgrades: Each kill you get awards you with 50 tokens (+5 tokens if you have linked your account on our discord server). You can spend tokens on the merchant that you can find in a small hut at spawn. Tokens are used to unlock & level "Field Upgrades" (more information below), arrow trails, and special titles that also have special requirements such as kills reached, killstreak reached, bow kills, etc.

- Field...
Dec 05

Beta Access
We will be opening the server for a beta session this weekend (December 7th to December 8th, GMT+2 Timezone). In order to be able to join the beta just reply to this thread with your in-game name. During the beta, you will be able to get an infinite amount of balance and shards so you can quickly level your island and further progress into the game. If you do find any bugs/issues please make sure to report them here. Users that report crucial issues will be rewarded once the server officially releases for its second season. Please note that any progress you might make during the beta will be reset for the official release. For more frequent updates join our discord server

Nov 15

Season II - A release coming soon!
Greetings, as the second season of Skyvele is right around the corner waiting for you to jump in and enjoy all the exciting new features, we decided to host a special promotion that will allow players to support the second season early on! At the start of season II a -50% promotion sale will begin and last for a few weeks, whoever is excited about the release can prepurchase any item from the store for a -75% discount by using the special discount code "EARLY" during the checkout process! Click here to visit our webstore!

Extra Notes:
We would like to address a few things about the second season and its lengthy delay which has dissatisfied many of you! The release was originally planned for early to mid-October but due to health-related issues, a release at that time was not possible. We have let many users down and our discord server grew smaller but that only further inspired and inclined us to get a second season going with much-requested features, improvements, changes and much more! You can expect great things from Skyvele's second season!

Jun 16

Beta Season
Players that have earned a spot on the top five islands leaderboard will be rewarded with the following:
- #1 Island: 50 USD Webstore Voucher
- #2 Island: 35 USD Webstore Voucher
- #3 Island: 25 USD Webstore Voucher
- #4 Island: 25 USD Webstore Voucher
- #5 Island: 25 USD Webstore Voucher

Season 1
The first season of Skyvele's Skyblock will also award users that earn a spot on the top five islands and will be rewarded with the following at the end on the season:
- #1 Island: 100 USD Webstore Voucher, 75 USD PayPal Balance
- #2 Island: 75 USD Webstore Voucher, 25 USD PayPal Balance
- #3 Island: 50 USD Webstore Voucher, 10 USD PayPal Balance
- #4 Island: 25 USD Webstore Voucher
- #5 Island: 25 USD Webstore Voucher

Furthermore, you can read more about the upcoming features here.

Jun 11

As most of you might have noticed, the server has been down and unavailable for the few days that have passed, this is due to Skyvele being upgraded to a network as well as move hosts (better hardware). We decided to turn Skyvele into a network because the transition to a multi-gamemode server would be much easier and quicker to do in the future as we have more than one game modes planned. For the time being, Skyvele will re-open with Skyblock only as that is the game mode we want to primarily focus on and keep improving for now. Upon re-opening, there's a chance that Skyblock will be reset (Top Islands, as well as Donator Users, will receive special rewards for supporting us during the beta). Other than turning Skyvele into a network, we have also been working on improving Skyblock itself, tweaking current features and adding more features, which you can find below.

The Warzone
This part of the Skyblock server has been teased in the past and we're finally proud to announce that upon the re-opening of the server, the warzone will be available in all its glory for you to explore with your friends. The warzone map is 1024x1024 blocks big and is filled with secrets, hostile mobs such as Wraiths, Villager Bandits and Mini-Bosses which you can hunt down to kill for loot, an Outpost castle and much more! Upon entering the warzone, you will notice that a different scoreboard is being displayed to the right of your screen, that scoreboard will give you vital information regarding your crapple/gapple/enderpearl cooldowns, as well as how many kills you have and when events are going to be running. You can find a few images in the spoiler below!


Many of you might be familiar with "KOTH" or "King of the Hill", Skyvele's warzone outpost will be very similar to that but also unique in its very own way. The warzone contains one Outpost called The Red Keep. The Red Keep can be found at the coordinates displayed when using the command "/outpost". To be able to claim the outpost you must be part of an island. To start claiming the Outpost, just walk into the center of the castle and stay there until it is claimed! Beware that...

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