Rank Syncing

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  • You can link your in-game ranks with the forums as well as Skyvele's discord server, to do so you must follow a few simple steps in-game.

    Forums Linking:
    Use the command "/link" in-game, click on the pop-up message and that's it, any ranks you may have will shortly sync on the forums!

    Forums Unlinking:
    To unlink your account head over
    here and click on the "Unlink Account" button.

    Discord Linking:
    Join our discord server
    here, verify that you're not a bot and after that go to the #link-account channel, react to the embed and follow the bot's instructions! You must be online on the Minecraft network while doing this.

    Discord Unlinking:
    To unlink your account use the command "/undiscord" in-game.

    • You can check your discord current sync settings for your account by using the command "/sync" in-game.