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    1. Bumblewasp

      Recruitment for rehhs’s Island.

      Thread locked - thread no longer relevant.
    2. Bumblewasp

      [Player Guide] Envoy Event

      Thanks for making this detailed guide @JustADev, maybe I will finally be able to collect some envoys without getting killed :P
    3. Bumblewasp

      Archive MCMMO

      Dear @TameHry, Skyvele intends to have multiple realms. MCMMO will not be a feature of the current realm/season though it will be a feature of an alternate realm. Thanks, Bumblewasp
    4. Bumblewasp

      Archive Trading system

      Users who wish to trade safely should make use of our auction feature. Although there is a small chance another user may purchase the product, it would be for the same amount so there would be no real losses. Thanks, Bumblewasp
    5. Bumblewasp

      Archive Bots

      We are adding minions/bots into a future Skyblock season already. Thanks for the suggestion.
    6. Bumblewasp

      [Official] Creating a Ban Appeal

      Create an Appeal Appeal your punishment on the Skyvele network. Why can't I talk on/access the network? If you violate one of our network rules, you may have your account muted or banned. We have a variety of different rules and in some instances, you will not receive a warning. You should...
    7. Bumblewasp

      [Rules Specification] Allowed Modifications

      Allowed Modifications Interested in using mods? Make sure they are allowed. We understand modifications are a large part of the experience for many players. We apologize for the lacking clarity that some players have witnessed over the recent days. For the most part, modifications provide...
    8. Bumblewasp

      Island Allegiances and Relationships

      Wouldn’t this just make islands want to ally as much as possible, to maximise boost?
    9. Bumblewasp


      Welcome @TentorIV. I'm from just a little bit further North, in Scotland :)
    10. Bumblewasp

      Archive Suggestions for Server [Global]

      Hey @JustADev, We really appreciate this thread and we will be implementing a number of your suggestions!
    11. Bumblewasp

      Whacked - Nice to meet you all!

      Welcome to Skyvele :D
    12. Bumblewasp

      Previous IS?

      I wish I could build this well!
    13. Bumblewasp

      What is your favourite game of all time?

      Monopoly :P
    14. Bumblewasp

      FroggyG's Introduction.

      You seem like a great guy! Welcome!
    15. Bumblewasp

      realiBlinky's introduction

      Great to see you have seen our trailer/documentation!