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    1. Norska

      Archive Alt Register

      Thanks for your suggestion, sadly it is being denied as it would only promote players to not actively play but stay afk. Locking.
    2. Norska

      Archive Suggestion #1 by rehhs

      Thanks for the suggestion, a similar system is already planned for the future. Locking.
    3. Norska

      Archive Suggestions #1 by Lever

      I will go ahead and lock this thread, thanks for your suggestions.
    4. Norska

      Making a survival world

      We will definitely be looking to expand our network in the future, we are also working on updates that will give our skyblock gamemodes a fresh and new feel. Thanks for your suggestion.
    5. Norska

      Deducts's Content Creator Application

      Hello, Thanks for your application but you sadly do not qualify for a content creator role. You can still record on the server if you wish to do so and possibly receive in-game rewards based on your views. Have a nice day and feel free to re-apply once your channel has grown more.
    6. Norska

      rehhs's Content Creator Application

      Hello, as you're apparently quitting (based on your latest video) this application has been denied. In case you are interested again in Skyvele, please re-apply.
    7. Norska

      Archive Suggestions #1 by Lever

      Hello, we consider increasing the alt limit but is most likely not going to happen. As for the auto eat perk, it does work but it will only consume an item if the food points it gives will not be wasted, for example, a steak will be consumed once your hunger has gone down by 4 and not before...
    8. Norska

      [19.07.2019] Changelog

      [19.07.2019] Changelog Forum Changes: Bug reports will now be submitted via forms. Skyblock Additions: You can now use /warps to view a list of all available islands that have warps set. Skyblock Fixes: Some minor color formatting has been fixed in various GUIs. An exploit with redstone...
    9. Norska

      Archive [CONCEPT] Custom Crafting Recipes

      Interesting suggestion but I believe it wouldn't fit with how Skyvele currently works Thanks for your suggestion, denied.
    10. Norska

      Archive EXP

      As said above. Thanks for your suggestion, denied.
    11. Norska

      [17.07.2019] Changelog

      [17.07.2019] Changelog Hub Changes: Player collision has been disabled in the hub. (Thanks to @JustADev for the suggestion) Skyblock Additions: The envoys event has been updated! (Thanks to @JustADev for the suggestion) You can now use /envoy help for a detailed help menu. You can now use...
    12. Norska

      Archive Middle of island

      You can already do that. Thanks for the suggestion, denied.
    13. Norska

      Archive More Perks

      Hello, renaming items will never be something you can do on Skyvele. As for the nickname feature, you can only color your name and not change it and this will not change either. As for the feed perk, this is something that is most likely going to be added. Thanks for the suggestion, denied.
    14. Norska

      Archive [Forums] Emojis & Reactions

      Hello, as said above, there are already emojis that are being considered to be "Agree" and "Disagree", as for the kappa and omegalul emojis, they would not fit the current emoji style. Thanks for your suggestion, denied.
    15. Norska

      Archive Auction

      Hello, thanks for your suggestion. Having multiple simultaneous auctions is a feature for donators and you can already take auctioned items down, simply go to "Your auctioned items" and click on the item you want to cancel. Denied.