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    Secret Commands That You Probably Didn't Know Existed [#1]

    I feel most people knew most of these, the most known command their is probably /sell all, a command that every server with Essentials has(which is a very large portion of servers).
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    Archive Island Shops

    It would for me @Ewan
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    Archive [Forums] Emojis & Reactions

    Hello, I think a good idea, would be to add Agree and Disagree reactions, and add omegalul, and kappa to emojis
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    His profile picture.
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    The future of Skyvele

    Some questions for ya When do y'all plan to startup the server again? What gamesmodes are y'all planning? What's the chance of skyblock resetting? What rewards do donators, and "beta" testers alike get? Any plans for actual advertisement set so the server can grow beyond this small PB it so...
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    Where the heck on MCM did you buy that??
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    'Ello maties!

    Hello, and welcome to the server and the forums, and I also like to dabble with Arduino's and they are fun to mess with, I haven't really gotten into C++ but ey, it's all good, but nice that your working on that stuff. Enjoy your childhood while you still can *cough*
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    Archive [Donations]

    [Donations/Buycraft/Paypal] Hey, so my suggestion is to take into account other purchases for other plays, e.g me buying TeAm and Questioning's a few items each. So instead of just going into Buycraft, and just checking the donator's through there, instead go into paypal, check the names/email...
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    Yo' it's Orochimaru

    Hey, my name is Liam, I'm currently the highest donator on the server cause *flex* Anyways, I'm teaming with TeAm and we're currently working on becoming #1 on the server. We have some advanced plans that we shall set into motion soon :p You know, I love to read a lot, I've read a lot about...