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  1. Orochimaru

    Archive [Forums] Emojis & Reactions

    Hello, I think a good idea, would be to add Agree and Disagree reactions, and add omegalul, and kappa to emojis
  2. Orochimaru

    Archive [Donations]

    [Donations/Buycraft/Paypal] Hey, so my suggestion is to take into account other purchases for other plays, e.g me buying TeAm and Questioning's a few items each. So instead of just going into Buycraft, and just checking the donator's through there, instead go into paypal, check the names/email...
  3. Orochimaru

    Yo' it's Orochimaru

    Hey, my name is Liam, I'm currently the highest donator on the server cause *flex* Anyways, I'm teaming with TeAm and we're currently working on becoming #1 on the server. We have some advanced plans that we shall set into motion soon :p You know, I love to read a lot, I've read a lot about...