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  1. JustADev

    Command Suggestions

    /quicksell - Allows you quickly sell certain items in your inventory /trash - Shows a GUI where you can throw away Items /lockbank - Stops island members from withdrawing/depositing funds /unlockbank - Unlocks the island bank if the bank is locked by the island owner /autosell - Automatically...
  2. JustADev

    [✦] [JustADev] [Recruitment] Skyblock Recruitment for next Season/Realm [✦]

    PLEASE READ THIS: Your application must be sent to me by starting a private conversation with me on the forums and sending me your application. Your application will be dismissed if you post your application as a reply to this thread. I will only be accepting 7 of the BEST applicants, so make...
  3. JustADev

    Introduction - JustADev

    Greetings, My name is JustADev and this is my introduction. I am 17 (at the time) living in Canada. Next year I will be going to be majoring in Software Engineering at a 4-year university. I found out about this server though @Norska's trailer when looking for new custom sykblock servers, and...
  4. JustADev

    Archive Suggestions for Forums

    The Categories for the Forums are listed as (The Big Yellow Boxes on the Forums Page): Skyvele Forums Why is this one the only odd one called "Skyvele Forums", shouldn't it be called like "Administration" or "News"? I don't think that "Skyvele Forums" fits for this category, while the rest of...
  5. JustADev

    Solved But Why?

    Why do some of the secret chests contain TNT if explosion dmg and explosion block damage is turned off and you can't even use it? Soooo whats the point?
  6. JustADev

    Secret Commands That You Probably Didn't Know Existed [#1]

    Today, I will be showcasing 20 commands that you might not know about. These range from fun random commands, to very helpful commands that may save you some time here and there. These are commands that are accessible to all players, yet have not been found by most people. Let's get started...
  7. JustADev

    Archive Suggestions #5 - Another 100 Suggestions ;)

    Hub Add a /togglesong or /togglemusic command, it gets annoying after hearing it for the 10,000th time Fix issue with npc and server selector sometimes saying "Please use a supported version (1.8-1.14)" when the server is rebooting Add a notification in hub if there are players online at the...
  8. JustADev

    Archive Suggestions

    Suggestions You still can't use condense wands on hoppers Please add a way to combine limited use sell wands Add /tc <Msg> or /teamchat <Msg> to quickly chat to your team Remove the cooldown from using impatience tokens Make the /sell all command not spam your chat Currently, you cannot sell...
  9. JustADev

    [Player Guide] Envoy Event

    What is this guide about? In this player-made guide, I will be showing you how to get the best loot from the Envoy events, where the best locations to go are, and the current loot table of the envoy crates in detail. I will also be showing you tips and tricks that I have found to help you obtain...
  10. JustADev

    Archive [CONCEPT] Custom Crafting Recipes

    Currently, there is no way to condense certain block items, such as blaze rods, arrows, gunpoweder, etc. This is why I suggest the following idea: Blaze Block Crafting Recipe: Arrow Block Crafting Recipe: Sulfur Block Crafting Recipe: XP Block Crafting Recipe: Ghast Block Crafting...
  11. JustADev

    Archive Suggestions for SB

    Suggestions Plz add /tc <msg> and /teamchat <msg>
  12. JustADev

    Archive More Suggestions YAY! - I'm so sorry Norska ;(

    Suggestions Add a /team or /members command to show you all the members of your island and their ranks/roles and if they are online or not Increase the max spawner stack size from 30x Make squid spawners/other spawners not have special spawn conditions (for squids, there needs to be water above...
  13. JustADev

    Archive New SB Suggestions

    Skyblock Suggestions Add /trade <Player> to safely trade items Doing /island ban <Player> doesnt automatically kick a player off your island if they are already there REMOVED Suggestion #3 Fix issue where random custom mobs can stack in the warzone Change the status of the Warzone Scoreboard...
  14. JustADev

    Archive Suggestions for Server [Global]

    First of all, I want to give a huge thanks to all the staff who pour hours into this server to make it what it is. You have truly made this experience one of a kind and one like no other, and I thank you for that. But lets get down to what I think would be cool to see as an addition to the...
  15. JustADev

    Archive Suggestion - 2FA

    Currently, if you have 2FA enabled on your account, you must enter the 2FA Code from your mobile device. I see no issue with this, however, the code displayed on the screen has a space in between it (like XXX XXX). To login, your code must contain 0 spaces. I think that this may be confusing for...