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  • [06.07.2019] Receive in-game rewards for inviting your friends!


    Skyvele Manager
    Skyvele Rewards
    Receive EPIC items for inviting your friends!
    Good morning,

    Over the past few weeks, we have been working on making Skyvele better than ever before. We believe we now have a solid server and we want to see as many players enjoying it as possible. To grow and push more updates than ever, we need your help! If everyone invites their friends our server will definitely grow.

    To encourage you to invite your friends, we are opening up new reward schemes. These reward schemes will be for a limited time so act quickly!

    Invite your friends
    Most of us have been playing Minecraft for quite some time. It's time to hit up your Discord contacts and showcase how much fun they can have on Skyvele. Please note that fake/bot invites do not count and will get you excluded from any rewards if abused.

    5 INVITES | 3 Darkzone Tokens + 15 Impatience Tokens
    10 INVITES | Tier 4 Money Pouch
    25 INVITES | $15 Buycraft Coupon
    50 INVITES | $30 Buycraft Coupon
    100+ INVITES | Contact us for private arrangements.

    Bring an island
    Have you already got a full Skyblock team? These rewards are perfect for you. On top of these rewards, you can also receive Discord invite rewards. Please note that alts/bot accounts do not count and will get you excluded from any rewards if abused.

    5+ Members | 5 Darkzone tokens + 10 Impatience Tokens (worth $12 Buycraft).
    10+ Members | MAX Team Size Upgrade + 5 Darkzone Tokens (worth $260 Buycraft).

    Upload Skyvele's Trailer
    Are you a keen YouTuber, or do you have a YouTube channel? We will offer you generous gifts for re-uploading our trailer! Please note that fake/botted views do not count and will get you excluded from any rewards if abused. You can download the trailer here.
    • For just uploading our trailer and receiving 25 views, we will award you with 1 Darkzone token!
    • If you receive more than 100 views, you will receive a free condenser wand (25000 uses).
    • For each additional 500 views, you will receive a 5$ Buycraft Voucher!
    • If you are a large YouTuber, contact us for private arrangements.
    Note: In order for this reward to be valid you must include the IP in your video's description (play.skyvele.com)

    Claiming rewards
    After you have completed any of the above, please join our discord here and open a ticket including proof such as youtube links, etc.

    Many thanks,

    Network Manager

    Rewards are not contractual and may be removed at any time. Any reward may not be given for any reason deemed suitable by the management team.