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FFA Realm - Release


Skyvele Owner

A new minigame!
Greetings, I am excited to announce a brand new gamemode that just release on Skyvele. It is an FFA (Free-For-All) gamemode with many features (including a custom resource-pack) that I will be talking about right away!

Arenas & Map Rotations: There are 3 arenas so far (Terminal, Octane, and Rundown) which are all inspired by Call of Duty, and many of you will most likely recognize them. The arenas rotate every half an hour so you will always be playing in a refreshed environment. You can view the current arena on the scoreboard and you can check when the map rotates by using "/arena".

Powerups: Each arena has multiple locations where powerups can spawn, powerups spawn every 3 minutes in a random location on the map which will be highlighted by a beacon beam. You have 30 seconds to claim the powerup, after that it disappears. The powerups are the following:
  • pink_dye.png
    Tactical Sprint - Gives you Speed II for 30 seconds.
  • purple_dye.png
    Ninja - Gives you Haste II for 30 seconds.
  • rose_red.png
    Juggernaut - Gives you Resistance III for 30 seconds.
  • orange_dye.png
    Berserk - Gives you Strength I for 30 seconds.
Powerups are a great way to maintain your killstreak which will be the next feature for discussion.

Killstreaks: The basic idea of the gamemode is simple, you get kills - you power yourself up. You start off fully geared in iron armor, an iron sword, and three cookies (cookies are instantly consumed and heal for 3 hearts). The higher your killstreak the better the rewards, ranging from diamond armor, better weapons, bows, potion effects, armor repair charms, and more.

Tokens & Upgrades: Each kill you get awards you with 50 tokens (+5 tokens if you have linked your account on our discord server). You can spend tokens on the merchant that you can find in a small hut at spawn. Tokens are used to unlock & level "Field Upgrades" (more information below), arrow trails, and special titles that also have special requirements such as kills reached, killstreak reached, bow kills, etc.

- Field Upgrades:
There are three field upgrades you can level in order to gain an advantage in the arena:
  • Double Cookies (10 Levels) - Gives you a chance to spawn with x2 cookies.
  • Thunder Rune (10 Levels) - Gives you a chance to strike lightning (dealing 0.5 hearts) when hitting players.
  • Death Curse (10 Levels) - Gives you a chance to apply the Wither I for 3 seconds when hitting players.
- Arrow Trails:
There are seven arrow trails you can purchase and use:
  • (VIP) Cloud Trail
  • (VIP) Glyphs Trail
  • (VIP+) Ember Trail
  • (VIP+) Spell Trail
  • (VIP++) Goo Trail
  • (VIP++) Love Trail
  • (MVP) Rage Trail
- Titles:
This feature is still in development and will be available soon!

Useful information:
  • You can use the command "/top" to view the top five players!
  • You can use "/spectate" to spectate the game!
  • If you wait for 3 seconds after a player dies, a cookie will spawn!




Disclaimer: The gamemode is still in beta, any constructive criticism suggestions are very much welcome!
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