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    New member
    My name is JustADev and this is my introduction. I am 17 (at the time) living in Canada. Next year I will be going to be majoring in Software Engineering at a 4-year university. I found out about this server though @Norska's trailer when looking for new custom sykblock servers, and I'm glad he made that post. I have met a bunch of cool and interesting people on the server and its discord. Below are a few interesting facts and details about me:

    ➥ Favorite Color: Green
    ➥ Favorite Animal: Beaver
    ➥ Favorite Book: The Currents of Space (by Isaac Assimov)
    ➥ Favorite Food: Mac N' Cheese
    ➥ Favorite Staff Member: Not Bumble

    I actually own 2 beavers, which most people are shocked by this. But seeing that I live in Canada, it shouldn't really be a surprise. I will also be recording a Skyblock Series on this server in the upcoming week.

    ➥ My Channel: https://bit.ly/2LJmk11

    This concludes my introduction (I do not know why I haven't done one yet), I hope to meet even more new people. Thanks for reading this long drawn out introduction thing. Um, anyway, bye ;P