LeStylez's Introduction


New member
Hello there everyone, how are you doing? My name is Lewis, or you can call me LeStylez. I am fifteen years old and have a passion for gaming. I am looking forward to becoming more involved in this lovely community. During my free time, I like to game, but I also play quite a lot of sports. I'm in my school's Football team. In school, I also do a lot of Basketball, mountain biking & running. Out of school, I do mountain biking again, snowboarding and skiing.
I'm a very friendly, kind and helpful individual so if you ever want to speak feel free to do so (I don't bite). That concludes my introduction, if you have any questions or just want to chat then please post them below or add me on Discord LeStylez#5234.

Kind regards,
LeStylez (Lewis).​


Skyvele Staff
I think Snowboarding is really cool. Too bad it doesn't snow here in the south. It is very nice to meet you and welcome to the Community. Please message me or any other staff if you have any questions or if you want to chat I am always down. Once again welcome to Skyvele man.