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  • Making a survival world


    New member
    I will try my best to explain my suggestion although my English is not my best subject.

    At the first time i joined Skyvele was long ago and i was really excited to play on this server because the skyblock plugin was developed by Norska himself.
    I was the one of the first who bought the legend rank (maybe) because i think it wil be worth to invest in this server. But then, my interest in skyblock began to fade away because of the economy inside server quite broken (you know what i mean, we have discussed this topic on discord) and even the players are busy with grinding and macro-ing and also not even using /ah or welcoming new player helping them and make them comfortable in server. Don't get me wrong, the server, the skyblock, the staff are all great and to be honest i was having a good time when playing on server because it is unique in other way. It is normal for a new server have it ups and down as what JustADew said before but hey Rome wasn't built in a day. All good things takes time. So be patient.

    Okay here is my suggestion ;)
    Im suggesting for Norska make smp gamemode with his own custom plugin. We all saw how unique is the server's plugin. So why not he develop a truly unique custom plugin for smp. Nowadays with new aquatic update 1.13 and 1.14 pillage and village update, survival world has become a great world to start adventure with and with adding more custom plugin make it even more enjoyable to play. Maybe some of you are asking "Why dont we just buy a good plugin and install it on server". Hey, we got Norska here. He is experienced developer and he make a few good plugin (you can check it here https://www.spigotmc.org/members/norska.355413/ ).

    So, why survival? what happen to skyblock?
    You can reset the skyblock and revamp the economy and for the survival, it is because right now players are enjoying survival more than skyblock (from my point view, yeah you can disagree with that idc).

    I hope you will take a good look on my suggestion and consider it as a good ideas.


    Skyvele Manager
    Hello, apologies for the late reply.

    Thank you for taking the time to post a suggestion for Skyvele! We appreciate the detail and explaination found in this post. We will discuss this suggestion and potentially develop upon it.



    Skyvele Owner
    We will definitely be looking to expand our network in the future, we are also working on updates that will give our skyblock gamemodes a fresh and new feel.

    Thanks for your suggestion.