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[Official] Seasonal Island Rewards

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Seasonal Champion Rewards
Information regarding top seasonal islands

Rewards for the Champions
Each season, the top five islands will receive rewards ranging from PayPal balance to coupons that can be used to purchase goods from Skyvele's online store. The rank of each island depends on the total levels accumulated throughout the season, to find out how to quickly level up your island click here. You can check your current position by using the command "/position", once you are in the top five your island will show up in the top islands menu ("/top").

Qualification for payouts
In order to receive the payouts assigned to each position, your island must qualify for them. The list compiled below are reasons you may be disqualified. In the case of disqualification, the rewards will be kept for the next season and will either be stacked on top of the according reward or be split throughout all of the top five rewards.

  • Any island member is actively breaking a rule that exceeds a permanent ban (e.g ban evading)
    • In this case, x member will be punished accordingly and the island will be disqualified for rewards for the current season.
  • Any island member that has cheated/exploited bugs in order to maliciously increase island levels.
    • In this case, x member will be punished accordingly and the island that contains cheated/exploited levels will be reset. After the island has been reset it will still be qualified for seasonal rewards, though, in the case of the same event (cheating/exploiting again during the same season), the island and all of its members will be disqualified for seasonal rewards for the current season.
Final Notes
The rules above are set so that everyone has a fair chance at winning seasonal rewards. Below you can find a basic Q&A to answer any questions you might have regarding this topic, if you still have questions or concerns please create a ticket here.

Question #1: What are the seasonal rewards?
Usually, PayPal balance and coupons that can be used on Skyvele's webstore.

Question #2: When do I receive my seasonal rewards?
Seasonal rewards are given out at the start of the new season (e.g Season 1 rewards will be given to the winners at the start of Season 2). Seasonal rewards will only be awarded after a background check that makes sure that your island was not disqualified during the season.

Question #3: I only want PayPal Balance (or Coupons for the store), what do I do?
PayPal rewards are set, they cannot be altered, when it comes to store coupons you can choose to only receive the original coupon amount as well as an extra coupon which will be the double value of the PayPal Balance (e.g A scenario where the rewards are 10$ Coupons and 10$ PayPal balance, if you choose to receive coupons only you will receive the original 10$ Coupon as well as another 20$ Coupon).
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