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The basics for every new Skyvele member!

Every island has a "home base" which players cannot build on or modify, that home-base is a 28-block-radius island that contains many unlockable areas, NPCs, secrets and more to be discovered down the road. Every user can freely build right after their home base's bridges which can be found at the very edge of the island pointing towards every direction.

Unlockable Areas:
There are a total of 5 unlockable areas on every island. To unlock an area you must locate its gate (fences/iron fences/iron doors) and interact with them, by clicking on the gate a GUI will appear with an option to unlock that area. Each unlockable area costs in-game balance and once unlocked will either let you access more features or allow for more areas to be unlocked.

1. [Unlockable Area] Shards Dealer
The first unlockable area that you're most likely going to stumble upon is the shards dealer's basement (or an Iron Door). You can locate this unlockable area in the basement of the starter house. Unlocking this area will give you access to the "Shards Dealer" which will trade various different items for shards*. The shards dealer will occasionally renew his stock so make sure to check back frequently.



(*Shards: A custom currency that can be obtained by slaughtering monsters, voting pouches.)

2. [Unlockable Area] The Lounge
The second and biggest unlockable area is called "The Lounge", it can be located right outside the starter house down a slight slope. Once unlocked you will be able to unlock all of the areas that are left on your island. The lounge is a place to hang out, enchant your mighty items, smelt your hard-earned ores and craft various different potions.



3. [Unlockable Area] Storehouse
The third unlockable area (located within the lounge) is the "Storehouse" which can be found right behind the iron bars gate. Once unlocked you will gain access to 5 chest rows which can be unlocked for some extra in-game currency. To unlock those extra chest rows simply click the stone button and select which row you would like to unlock. Each chest row costs 10,000$ except the first one which can be unlocked for free. Unlocking all of the chest rows will also allow you to lock/unlock your chest rows (iron fences in the GUI).



4. [Unlockable Area] Mining Center
The fourth area is called the "Mining Center", which is the main way to obtain loot boxes on the server. The mining center can be found at the very end of the lounge. Once unlocked you will be able to send out different tiers of mining expeditions. Such expeditions cost in-game balance and take some time to complete after they have been sent out. Every expedition has a chance to fail after it arrives, if it does not -- you will obtain a loot box. There are currently 5 different tiers of expeditions, easy, normal, hard, heroic and dark-zone. Each tier requires more time and money to complete and also has a higher chance of failing in exchange for the chance to get much better rewards per tier. To send out dark-zone expeditions which the most rewarding expeditions, you require a dark-zone token which can be obtained by voting, other loot boxes and through our webstore. Mining expeditions can be sped up and instantly complete by using a special item called "Impatience Token".


5. [Unlockable Area] ???
There is a fifth unlockable area that is hidden, you can find the way to it by flipping levers in the lounge and trying out different combinations!

Did you know?

  • There are 12 hidden chests spread around your island's home-base, open them to be rewarded! Some chests require you to unlock areas in order to access them!
  • Only friendly mobs will naturally spawn on your island!
  • You can mine ore blocks in your home-base, make sure to get the drops quickly because they turn into stone after mined!
  • The combination for the fifth unlockable area is hidden in plain sight!
  • You can dust away cobwebs on your home-base in order to gain shards!
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