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What is this guide about?
In this player-made guide, I will be showing you how to get the best loot from the Envoy events, where the best locations to go are, and the current loot table of the envoy crates in detail. I will also be showing you tips and tricks that I have found to help you obtain the best loot as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Lets get started with some of the basics.

What exactly is an envoy?
An envoy is an event held on Skyvele's Skyblock server. Every 2 Hours, this event will automatically occur.
During this event, 95 Loot Boxes fall from the sky in what we call the Warzone (I will explain this later on in the guide).
To obtain loot, players must first find loot boxes located all throughout the warzone and break them to obtain specialized items.

Where is the Warzone?
The Warzone is located in spawn. If you do not know how to go to spawn, type the /spawn command to warp to spawn.
Once you are in spawn, you will see a giant pool of water, this is how you are going to get to the warzone. It is located
directly in front of the end of the wooden bridge that you cross to reach the other side.
Once you have found the portal, jump into the water to be directly sent to the Warzone. There is a custom animation that plays whenever you
jump into the water. You are pushed into the air with a particle trail for 2-3 seconds before being warped.

What happens in the Warzone?
The Warzone is the main map for pvp (player versus player) combat. Here, players can attack and defeat other players to obtain their loot when killed. It is good to note that players who are part of your island cannot damage you, nor can you damage them in combat. This is useful when you and your island members decide to team up and fight other islands in the warzone. The Warzone is also where the Outpost is, which is a essential feature on the skyblock server. This also will be explored later into this guide.

During the envoy event, as explained earlier, chests are randomly spawned all throughout the warzone. To break a chest, simply left click the chest with either your fist or another item in your hand (I suggest that you use either a sword/axe or any other weapon as your main hand in case you happen to run into a few players along the way). The envoy event lasts for around 10 minutes. After this time has been exceeded, all chests in the Warzone will disappear and you will have to wait another 2 hours before the next event.

How will I know when the event is happening?
You will know the event is happening when you start seeing messages in your chat saying that envoy loot crates are being destroyed or
if there is a message saying that the event has started.

Once the event ends, there will be a message displayed in chat saying that the event ended.
Additionally, if the envoy event is not active yet, you can check how much time is remaining until the event by typing /envoy
or by going to the warzone and checking your scoreboard as seen in the image below.

Here, you will notice that on the third line from the bottom, your scoreboard will show how long until the next envoy event. It is good to note
that this scoreboard will only be shown to you if your scoreboard is enabled (Toggleable with /sb) and when you are currently in the warzone.
The scoreboard also shows you your kills/deaths as well as all of your cooldowns.

What exactly does an envoy loot crate look like?
Below is a screenshot of what an envoy crate looks like in the warzone.
It will be a regular chest with a hologram displaying " ENVOY LOOTBOX" in yellow letters
There is a particular useful built-in feature that is extremely useful in trying to find loot crates.
Every 10 seconds, nearby lootboxes in your loaded range will shoot off a colorful firework that is
useful in locating the lootbox. Be sure to turn on your sounds to hear the firework going off and
look up in the sky to see where the lootbox is located.

Event Inventory Setups
In general, it is not a good practice to carry all of your valuables on you. Unless you are an overpowered island and can afford many good
sets of equipment and weapons, I would suggest that you at least wear diamond armor with some enchants on it. It does not matter the
enchant, as long as you are wearing all enchanted diamond gear as well as you are using any enchanted diamond sword. This is what I like to call the"Scare Factor". In doing so, players will not want to come and mess with you during the envoy because they think you are stacked. I would highly advise new players to NOT wear Starter Iron Armor. If you wear basic gear, you are making yourself a target to every other player in the envoy event, so spend some time preparing for the event in advance.

Explained in the next section, you should carry a few Speed 2 potions as well as at least 2 Stacks of enderpearls with you to the event.
It is also CRUCIAL that you bring with you a Stack of food, so that you do not lose speed when moving around.
If you are a donator, I suggest that you turn on the "Automatic Food" perk from the /perks gui so that you do not have to worry about starving

Next we are going to be going over a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you snatch up as much loot as possible.

Personal Tips and Tricks
As I have completed this event multiple times, I started to get more efficient and comfortable with my route. Here are a few basic as
well as some advanced tips that you might want to be aware of.
  • Chests spawn in the SAME location every time the event happens. This means that you can memorize where the chests will spawn after a few runs of the event.
  • There are always 95 chests that spawn, no matter how many players are online at the time or how many are actively participating in the event
  • Do NOT come to the event with a full inventory, leave at least 10-20 slots for the loot you will receive during the event
  • NEVER bring your most precious valuables (i.e. darkzone items from Darkzone Expeditions) or any other rare belongings with you.
  • If you want to get as much loot as possible, it is crucial that you brew some Speed 2 potions and bring them along with you during the event
    • In doing this, you will be the first to find chests and get more chests in a shorter period of time
  • Always carry at least 2 Stacks of enderpearls (these can be bought under the "Mob Drops" section in /shop)
    • These are your lifeline, for both snatching loot and dealing with others in the event
    • These are very useful in a lot of different ways and in different situations listed below:
      • If there is a chest that is spawned in an unreachable area, throw a pearl up and hope it lands where you want it
        • With some practice, you will get the hang of this concept.
        • The enderpearling method also allows you to get on top of those pesky mushrooms with loot crates on top of them
      • Enderpearls can be useful in catching up to players who are running away from you
        • Note: Enderpearls have a 10 second cooldown between each use and your cooldown is displayed on the scoreboard
      • Enderpearls are your main way of exploration
        • I have found that enderpearls are much faster than walking to chests, and can be useful for traversing long distances in a short period of time
  • If there is a chest that is unreachable and you do not have any enderpearls or rockets, DON'T waste your time trying to grab it
    • This will only slow you down and will cause you to lose 1-2 chests that you could have used that time for in the process
  • If you have any Rocket Boosters from previous envoys, you can use them to get atop the mushrooms with chests on top of them.
  • I would suggest that you use the Mod "Optifine" when you are doing envoys
    • This is so that you can zoom in to see chests from far away
  • Set your render distance between 10-12 blocks. This way, you can spot chests from across the map
  • NEVER check what you get until the event is over, as checking wastes valuable time
  • Always be on the move, as soon as you break a chest, continue sprinting to the next area
  • Be sure to watch your potion effect status, losing your speed buff could make you lose your edge in the envoy event
  • If you are about to die, quickly enderpearl away and store you valuables in your player vault using /pv <Vault Number>
What kind of loot can I get from this event?
Next is examining the loot table from the envoy event. This table is the most recent loot that can be obtained through the envoy event.
Note: If I have missed anything in this table, be sure to let me know below and I will do my best to update this guide frequently.
Note: You only receive one of these random rewards when you break an envoy loot crate.

- 1-3 Rocket Boosters
- 1-3 Enchanted Golden Apples
- 1 Bedrock
- 1 Beacon
- 8 Regular Golden Apples
- 1 Sell Wand (50 uses)
- 1 Envoy Slapper (Knockback 3 Stick)
- Tier 1 Mystery Spawner
- Tier 2 Mystery Spawner
- Tier 3 Mystery Spawner
- Tier 1 Money Pouch [5k-10k]
- Tier 2 Money Pouch [10k-25k]
- Tier 3 Money Pouch [25k-50k]

- Tier 1 Shard Pouch [100-250 shards]
- Tier 2 Shard Pouch [250-500 shards]
- Tier 3 Shard Pouch [500-750 shards]

What is the Best Route to Take?
In the end, the best route to take comes down to personal preference. Some people may like going on the outskirts to avoid players, while others may want to be in the middle of the action. Once you do a couple of events, you will learn your personalized route and will get more comfortable with the spawn areas. For Beginners, I suggest that you go on the very outskirts of the map in a square-pattern, trying to go to all 4 corners of the map. The map is very huge and you may get lost from time to time, but that is alright (I still get lost sometimes). It is good to note that when you teleport to the warzone, your spawn point is a random location, so be aware of where the server puts you. I generally over prepare for these events, and go to the warzone 1-2 minutes earlier so I can start heading to the Outpost. If you do not know where this building is located, type /outpost to get the exact coordinates for the location (it is in the dead center of the map). The Outpost is a giant castle that can be raided every 2 days, where if your island manages to capture it, you gain personalized boosts and perks for those 2 days. You will have to recapture the outpost, however, after 2 days of claiming it.

Just like any server, the middle is the place that contains most of the loot. In this case, most of the loot is found in these general areas:
  • There are around 8-10 chests along the surrounding perimeter of the Outpost. This is my main spot that I go to first before anywhere else
  • There is a pond in one of the corners of the map that contains 2-3 mushrooms, each containing a crate
  • There are 2 mountains on this map, each containing 2-3 chests on the top and around 4-5 chests on the sides
My Personal Route
Now, I will be discussing my personal route that I have found the best for my setup. First, I go to the Outpost and grab as many chest around there. I then enderpearl to one of the mountains/hills and snatch all of those chests (at this point, I have hit around 10-15 chests). Next, I go around the perimeter and search for the chests on the outskirts as well as a few closer by the trees. In total, I manage around 24-30 chests, with 48 being my personal record.

Again, this is just my personal route (you do not have to follow it, but feel free to use it), but you may find a different route that works better for you. My strategy revolves around getting to chests as fast and as efficient as possible.

These envoys are extremely useful for newer players who want to start obtaining spawners to make grinders and make a decent income
of cash to buy other spawners or upgrades for their island. These events are not as useful in the higher stages, when you have done the
envoy so many times and have gotten stacked from doing them over and over again.

In summary, wear enchanted diamond gear and use an enchanted diamond sword. Be sure to bring ender pearls, brew some Speed 2 potions, and some source of food. Make sure to check out the middle areas first and then branch outwards. If you use the tips and tricks above and through some practice, you will be dominating the envoy events in no time! I hope you liked this guide and be sure to complete the poll above. If you have any other guides you would like me to make, mention anything I missed, or would like me to add additional pieces of information, comment down below. Thank you again and best of luck out there in the Warzone!
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GG on making such a great guide for new and existing players. Your personal route is pretty much what I take and it sure works.


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Amazingly well constructed guide, @JustADev. Many new players - presumably current Skyvele familiar, also - would find this very useful.