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[Rules Specification] Allowed Modifications

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Allowed Modifications
Interested in using mods? Make sure they are allowed.
We understand modifications are a large part of the experience for many players. We apologize for the lacking clarity that some players have witnessed over the recent days. For the most part, modifications provide visual improvements and small performance boosts for players. We fully understand the usage of these mods and have outlined which ones you can use below. Game-changing/automating modifications are not allowed.

We do not support usage of modifications in any way and you use them at your own risk, even if they are allowed on our network. Although we list specific modifications below, we cannot guarantee we will support future updates. When a modification is not allowed you must assume it is disallowed. Contact @Bumblewasp for more clarity.

Client Modifications
Below we have listed categories of modifications which are allowed. You can use these modifications on our network. We will update this thread as often as possible. Please be aware that we may revoke modifications from this list and it is your responsibility to check it.

HUD Mods
Modifications which add armor and potion effects to the interface outwith the inventory are permitted.

  • Armour Status
  • Effect Status
  • HudPixel
  • 5Zig (not macros)
  • Brightness Mods
  • Minimaps (with player location disabled)
Animations Mods
Modifications which alter in-game animations, such as weapon swings are allowed. This does not include modifications where the user can move/attack in ways they could not before.

  • Orange's 1.7 Animations
Using shaders to visually enhance your gameplay is permitted.

  • Shaders Mod & any shader pack.
Gameplay Recorders
Used for recording and playback of gameplay. Can change perspective during playback (but NOT during live play).

  • Replay Mod
Client Optimisation Mods
The main goal of improving client FPS, ping and general performance.

  • Optifine
  • TCPNoDelay
Skyblock Specific Mods
We permit usage of build-assist programs that display a hologram of what you wish to rebuild. Please note that programs which actually build for you are not permitted.

  • Schematica (not the printer function)
Explicitly disallowed Mods
Below you can find some mods that are explicitly disallowed and their usage will be considered breaking rules of our network.

  • Minimaps w/ Player Location
  • AutoClickers/DoubleClickers etc.
  • Printer mode from Schematica (or similar mods).
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