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Season II - Early Support & Special Discounts


Skyvele Owner

Season II - A release coming soon!
Greetings, as the second season of Skyvele is right around the corner waiting for you to jump in and enjoy all the exciting new features, we decided to host a special promotion that will allow players to support the second season early on! At the start of season II a -50% promotion sale will begin and last for a few weeks, whoever is excited about the release can prepurchase any item from the store for a -75% discount by using the special discount code "EARLY" during the checkout process! Click here to visit our webstore!

Extra Notes:
We would like to address a few things about the second season and its lengthy delay which has dissatisfied many of you! The release was originally planned for early to mid-October but due to health-related issues, a release at that time was not possible. We have let many users down and our discord server grew smaller but that only further inspired and inclined us to get a second season going with much-requested features, improvements, changes and much more! You can expect great things from Skyvele's second season!