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  • Secret Commands That You Probably Didn't Know Existed [#1]


    New member
    Today, I will be showcasing 20 commands that you might not know about.
    These range from fun random commands, to very helpful commands that
    may save you some time here and there. These are commands that are
    accessible to all players, yet have not been found by most people.

    Let's get started!

    Hub Commands
    1. /Skyblock
      1. This command can be used while on the hub to teleport you instantly to skyblock
    2. /msgtoggle
      1. This command toggles the ability for players to private message you on the hub
    3. /servers
      1. This command opens up the Server Selector Menu
    4. /version
      1. Shows information regarding the versions that you can use to play on Skyvele
    5. /playtime
      1. This command can be used both on Skyblock and on Hub. It shows how long (in total) that you have been playing the server
    6. /2fa
      1. Shows helpful information in regards to being able to add an extra layer of protection to your account
    7. /discord
      1. Displays a link that will direct you to join the server's public discord
    8. /store
      1. Displays a link that directs you to the server store
    9. /website
      1. Displays a link that directs you to the server's forum
    10. /hub
      1. Sends you to the lobby server
      2. Note: This only works if you are not on the Hub
    Skyblock Commands
    1. /sell all
      1. Sells all the items in your inventory that are sellable
    2. /shards
      1. Opens the shard dealer menu (This only works if you have the area unlocked)
    3. /shards send <Player> <Amount>
      1. Send a specific amount of shards to a player
    4. /level <Player>
      1. Shows the island level of that player
      2. Note: They must be online for this to work
    5. /shop <Shop Name>
      1. Opens a specific shop menu without having to use /shop to get to it
      2. The names of shops can be found under the /shop command main menu
      3. For Example: /shop ores
    6. /vp
      1. Shows how many more votes are needed before a voteparty happens
    7. /link
      1. Main Command for linking your minecraft account to your forum account
      2. Note: You must have a skyvele forum account in order to do this
    8. /envoy join and /envoy leave
      1. /envoy join - Allows you to join the queue for envoys
        1. You will be instantly randomly teleported when the event starts
      2. /envoy leave - Removes you from the envoy queue
    9. /ar
      1. Shows how long until the server automatically reboots
    10. /ct
      1. Shows you how much longer you are in combat for
      2. This only works if you have an active combat timer
    Thanks for reading this post. Please let me know if I should do more of these posts in the future.
    What commands did you not know about before? Was this guide helpful? Leave a comment down below

    Thanks for Reading!
    - JustADev
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    Skyvele Staff
    Looks good. Why not add the abbreviations of /autorestart (/ar) and /voteparty (/vp)?


    New member
    I feel most people knew most of these, the most known command their is probably /sell all, a command that every server with Essentials has(which is a very large portion of servers).