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Skyvele is back, and we can't wait for Christmas!


Skyvele Owner

Happy Advent, and our Winter Beta Release
Welcome back everyone. I am happy to announce that Skyvele will return later this month, with both FFA and Lush realms back up and running. In addition, we will be running exciting events for Christmas.

Map Release: Winter Beta Season
Skyvele Beta Season 2 will be released on Friday, December 18th, and end on December 25th. This season will be our first Skyvele Network project for some time, so we really are hoping that you share any ideas/feedback that you have. We really hope to implement as many of these as we can for Season 2. The official season 2 release will happen in early January, we are going to make use of this beta in order to iron out any possible bugs and polish the experience. Our island rewards for the beta season are as follows;

- #1 Island: 50 USD Webstore Voucher + $20 PayPal
- #2 Island: 35 USD Webstore Voucher + $10 PayPal
- #3 Island: 25 USD Webstore Voucher + $5 PayPal
- #4 Island: 20 USD Webstore Voucher
- #5 Island: 15 USD Webstore Voucher

If you would like to join our Gameplay Testing Team, please post your IGN and Discord below. You will be invited to exclusive discord channel where we test the server for unofficial betas.

Our 12 Days of Christmas
From 12th of December till 24th of December we will run an advent calendar with one lucky user in our Discord winning a cool prize. After this event is over, Santa will bring a present to everyone in the Discord on the 25th.

A sneak peak at some of the prizes;
  • Crate Keys
  • PayPal Rewards
  • ADVENT Limited Edition Tag
Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to play again soon.