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  • Suggestions #5 - Another 100 Suggestions ;)


    New member
    1. Add a /togglesong or /togglemusic command, it gets annoying after hearing it for the 10,000th time
    2. Fix issue with npc and server selector sometimes saying "Please use a supported version (1.8-1.14)" when the server is rebooting
    3. Add a notification in hub if there are players online at the time that a server is back online (This is helpful for those who get kicked due to autorestart)
    4. Add a setting to disable your double jump cloud trail (alternately, you can just disable particles in your settings, but that is too much work)
    5. Add cosmetics that are unlocked when you purchase a rank (like player trails)
    6. There are lighting issues when you are in 1.14+ in regards to slabs and some grass blocks appearing black/having lighting issues
    7. Remove player collision in the hub, its not fun being knocked around when you have 15 people at the Skyblock NPC
    8. Make the GUI Name for the server selector more visible (Currently the wording is in &0 or black and is hard to read)
    9. Add more variety to the hub, there is nothing to do there
      1. Add a parkour maybe
      2. Add additional floating islands
    10. Add a /friend system to your server's bungeecord
    11. Allow players to do /glist to see how many people are on the network
      1. HIde other servers that are not released yet from the player's view (Dev servers or Beta Servers)
    12. Add a settings item to change your hub settings:
      1. Toggle double jump
      2. Toggle scoreboard
      3. Toggle double jump particles
      4. Toggle players
      5. Toggle chat
      6. etc.

    1. Add Redstone and Lapis to the ore generator at lower island upgrades
    2. You can use the utility blocks (enderchests, chests, crafting tables, furnaces) on your main island
    3. You can pick up water from your main island's pond on the dsert theme
    4. The shard dealer sometimes doesn't update his shop items upon autorestart
    5. The timer hologram for the mining expeditions still speeds up sometimes
    6. You can wear the Darkzone and Impatience Token Skulls on your head
    7. Make an easier way to sell multiple items that doesn't kick you (if you spam /sell all, you are kicked for spam)
    8. Sometimes you are kicked for inactivity, even if you are a donator rank
    9. You can still use island warps to get out of combat in the warzone
    10. Add an island lock feature that disables players from going to your island via teleport requests or warps
    11. Make a NPC at spawn to create your island (this is for new players who don't know to do /create)
      1. If a player already has an island, it will teleport them instead
    12. Fix issue with hopper limit being broken in the upgrades menu
      1. You forgot to put an extra 0 on each upgrade I assume because the $1M hopper upgrade only takes $100,000 out of your balance
      2. The above statement is true for all of the upgrades in the hopper limit category
    13. You mentioned under Sneak Peaks that chunk hoppers were coded, but they aren't implemented into the game yet?
    14. Your island level does not display above the player's name as seen in the sneak peaks
      1. Either show their island level or their health below the player's name
    15. Stop the /shards gui from closing whenever you run the command
      1. This gets really frustrating when you are trying to bulk purchase impatience tokens and the gui keeps closing
    16. Why can you sell wheat, but you can not sell bread?
    17. Add option to customize islander roles permissions in a gui menu
    18. Remove the cooldown between opening loot boxes
    19. You can sethome in the outpost to easily capture it
    20. There is no message announcing that the outpost event is going to happen
    21. You can open the shulker boxes in the outpost
    22. /blocks and /condense does not work with quarts (4 quarts = 1 quarts block)
    23. The outpost should have guards that spawn when the outpost even starts that makes it more of a challenge
    24. The sell multiplier from the outpost does not stack with the sell multiplier you get under /perks as a Legend Rank
    25. There is no way to remove the home named "Bed" (I've tried /delhome &obed, and /delhome bed, but nothing has worked)
    26. The auction house gui is outdated and I think it needs a fresher and cleaner display
    27. Add a /auctions command to see the items you are auctioning currently
    28. Add a /expired command to open the menu that shows your expired items
    29. Expired items should instead go into your /cr gui instead of having to click a gui to reclaim them
    30. Message when you join back stating that one of your actions has expired and what item it was that you auctioned
    31. /outpost pin should instead make your bossbar show how close you are to the outpost
    32. the /tempmute command should say "JustADev was tempmuted for 1hr by Norska for "Racism""
      1. Instead, all it shows was "JustADev for "Racisim""
    33. Fly mode is always disabled when you reconnect to skyblock, it should always be enabled if you have access to /fly
    34. If you have 2 spawners with 64 spawners each, then you should be able to place a spawner in between them of the same type
    35. If you die on your island, you should keep your items upon death, but only on the island
      1. Either that, or just make all mobs passive, even upon hitting them
    36. Add a /size command to show you how large your island is
    37. Code a system that allows you to save and download your island as a schematic file (something like /download)
    38. Add a chat filter that blocks a lot of racial slurs (I am not going to say any in this suggestion post, but you probably know what I mean)
    39. Please add an anti-cheat! I have seen 2 people fly in the envoy with speed and grab loot boxes (I don't have any physical evidence nor did I record this at the time, but take my word for it)
    40. You shouldn't be able to chat unless you play for 5min-1hr (This may fix some bot spam in the future, if there is any)
    41. Please add a better way for checking a person to ensure that they aren't abusing the 3 alt limit
    42. Add a /killtop leaderboard to show the top people who have killed the most players
    43. Add an option to buy an entire inventory of "x item" when you are on the "Buy More" pages
    44. Please place sea laterns under the blocks shop as well, people keep asking others if they are purchasable
      1. Add magma blocks while you are at it
    45. Add an option to toggle a /pay confirm command, so that you don't accidentally send money to the wrong user
    46. Envoy chests sometimes get bugged if you try to place a mining expedition loot box beside it
    47. Add lore to the rocket boosters that explain how they are useful (Beneficial for newer players)
    48. The rank price of legend at /spawn is $10 higher than what it should be (It says $52 USD, but its actually $42 USD right now with the sale)
    49. Have a message telling people to find the 10 golden cows at spawn (Most people don't know about this unique feature unless they look at an old forum post that mentioned it)
    50. The Pouches that you receive from the warzone say in the lore "Received from Voting", which is obviously not true
    51. Make a system that puts more importance on pvp
      1. Also, the map of the warzone is too big for the current playerbase
      2. You never see players around the map when events are going on, unless its for the outpost
    52. Add an option to be able to battle your island members (like a /duel command, since you can't pvp each other in the warzone unless you leave your current island)
    53. You should setup litebans punish panel and add it to the ribbon of the website
      1. It helps with being able to see your punishments
    54. Disable arrows from being shot in the server spawn, as well as enderpearls and any type of golden apples
    55. Add a brief invincibility state of 3-5s in the warzone, so as to avoid being spawn killed
    56. You should add seasonal kits to the /kit menu and revamp the appearance of the gui as it is currently not appealing
      1. Sort Kits by categories (like Default, Donator, and Special kits [which can be purchased in the store and are reclaimable every season])
    57. Make a forum guide explaining how to reclaim your items from past seasons and what transfers over
    58. Add an option to allow players to grant access to some storage room chests (currently only the owner can use them)
    59. Hide holograms that aren't in sight of the user (like Mining Expedition Hologram, Shards Dealer), and make them only show when you are near them
      1. This way, players have to adventure a little to find the areas
    60. Add ability for multiple island members to use the mining expedition at once
      1. To do this, you would have to make the mining expedition hologram change based on the user, but it would be very helpful as well as allowing other people on your island to use the mining expedition
    61. Darkzone Tokens Obtained from Loot Boxes do not show their success rate
    62. You can shoot the mining expedition minecart with arrows to break it
    63. Sometimes when spamming the mining expeditions, there will be 2 minecarts that appear (they do no get stuck, but I just found this glitch odd)
    64. People can abuse /stuck in warzone to get out of combat safely
    65. Add a message when you enter your main island
      1. This helps players so that they know whether or not they can build here
      2. Currently, you have to randomly place blocks to find out whether or not you can build in that spot
    66. Lava on islands should not be able to harm players, as this can be used as a way to kill them
    67. Arrows are cleared by clearlagg (not very helpful when pvping in the warzone)
    68. The Dark Zone Shovel ability needs to be reworked, as it is not very useful
      1. There is no way to make a generator that spawns blocks that are instantly breakable (sand, dirt, gravel, etc.)
      2. It is only useful if you spam place dirt, gravel, sand before hand and use the ability, which is useless
    69. Add the drop rates (i.e. percentages) for items that are in loot crates
    70. You should receive a vote party crate instead of a random drop from a loot table when the vote party starts
    71. Add a /voteparty or /vp command that shows the required votes needed before the voteparty happens
    72. If you can't go to the nether, you shouldn't be able to make nether portals
      1. Or send a message when a player enters a portal that this feature is disabled
      2. Or deny them from entering the portal
    73. Add a potions section the shop where you can buy essential blocks like cauldrons, glass bottles, water bucket, brewing stand, as well as being able to buy potion ingredients from there.
    74. Sheep that are stacked and dyed a color (for example: the color red) only makes the first sheep drop that color wool, the rest just drop plain normal wool
    75. Make experience bottles sellable in the shop
    76. Whenever you purchase an island upgrade, make it show who actually bought the upgrade (Currently it says "Hopper Limit Upgrade to Level 4", when it should be "JustADev upgraded Hopper Limit (Limit: 330)"
      1. Add more info to the upgrade message, stating what exactly was increased
      2. This can be done with a json hoverable message or just stating more info such as:
        1. The Previous Level of the Upgrade
        2. The New Level of the Upgrade
        3. The Previous Benefit of the Upgrade
        4. The New Benefit of the Upgrade
        5. The Person who Purchased the Upgrade
        6. The Amount that it cost to buy the Upgrade
    77. Add a setting to toggle the success and failure sounds for mining expeditions (I am hearing villager "Hmmms" and "Hah Huh"'s in my nightmares)
    78. You should be able to purchase zones/areas from the Island Keeper NPC
      1. Currently, you can only warp there if you have it unlocked, else it just says to go find it
      2. If you allow them to unlock it, they still have to find the area after they unlock it, so it doesn't change game mechanics
    79. Allow /recipe for new players
    80. The /skull command still does not work for donators who are supposed to have it
    81. Add an island vault that can be upgraded, which is like a "shared player vault" for the island
      1. When you unlock it, you get 1 row
      2. With each upgrade, you gain an additional row
      3. The vault can be accessed with /vault
    82. Whenever your teammate captures the Outpost, it should state that they captured the outpost, and not their island Leader
    83. The Shopping District inside the outpost is too crowded with little shops to be able to freely move around
    84. Add player Chest Shops so that the players can create the economy
    85. Add /coop <Player> to allow them to be able to build on your island
      1. You can't coop island members
      2. Their coop status is removed either when:
        1. You leave or
        2. The player leaves
      3. Certain Island Roles can coop/remove coop status of players
    86. Add an option to disable envoy messages
    87. Add a /envoy join command that adds you to a queue for the event
      1. When the event happens, it teleports all players who are on that list to a random spot in the warzone
      2. You can also do /envoy leave to leave the queue
      3. This is just a simple feature that players would appreciate
    88. Add a perk to customize your Scoreboard Color Scheme, since you already added the option to change the Island Holo Color Scheme
    89. Add more color Schemes to the /perks menu for the hologram
    90. There should be a cooldown for the regular /fix command (like 15min-1hr)
    91. Make it so that you can't spawn the wither on your island using skulls obtained through the decoration shop
    92. Add chat emotes/symbols like: <3 and :) in the chat
    93. Allow donators to use special characters (Like &l &o &k) on signs
    94. Add a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Global Baltop using player heads and a paginating system in a gui with /baltop
    95. Make the bossbar change whenever there is an event such as an envoy that is about to happen
    96. Add a message when the envoy event ends saying who the top 3 people were in the event (the top 3 people who broke the most chests)
    97. Add a reward system for reaching specific voting goals (like 25 votes gives you a Hard Mining Expedition Crate, etc etc)
    98. Make it so that donation messages show up across all servers, and not just Skyblock
    99. Allow staff members to do /socialspy to see player messages
    100. Give us some actual content changes that are new and fresh! I mean grinding is fun and all, but I would appreciate some new features from time to time.


    Skyvele Staff
    Hey, @JustADev,

    Thank you again for another 100 suggestions. We'll account which of those would be good additions to the server.